Mafia Wars: Some Random Thoughts of Louise, Maniac, Lvl 701

Facebook gives me the creeps. Both in a good and bad way. Well, good news first, it sucks up idle time and keeps the sleepyhead in me up on my toes till the wee (and unholy) hours of the morning. Aside from the given plus of FB as we  all know, connecting friends, classmates, cousins, strangers for games and all the connections possible under the sun, I realized I could play a computer game.

Well, I did level up a few back then in a couple of Nintendo Game and Watch games called Egg and Donkey Kong but that was it.  A few years after that, with the now relic thing called family computer, I was also unsuccessfully desperate  to save the princess in Mario Bros. Then there was Ice Climber, LOL, that game was so funny I would always fall through the layers of ice before I reach the peak, and yeah, the paths were so slippery, I always tripped. Clumsy me.

Early 2009 when I was newbie in FB and the walls were boring like a ghost town ( I only had like 15 friends), I got busy cooking in Restaurant City , opened my own virtual cafe and increased my friends to 300, traded ingredients here and there and levelled up to the maximum. The virtual business was a success, expanded my space with the help of my virtual crew of 8.  I got bored and left, and didn’t come back for a long time now. ( My crew is prolly be dead right now anyways).

Then I stumbled upon Mafia Wars by the end of June.  There, I was introduced to whole new world of robbers, hitlisters, fighters, killers. I played with the keys and started to increase my own mafia, slowly adding up till I reached 1ooo plus members, as of this writing. I don’t exactly understand at the beginning why it would be fun just clicking buttons to fight and use energy and stamina without seeing it in action, like we do in boxing matches or the like.

Apparently,  I have learned to appreciate and love the game , because I am still clicking to master challenges and declare wars and ask for loots for almost 16 months now and counting.

Sure, it bothers me when I wake up to see my properties  being robbed big time in New York City but I don’t worry cause I can always rob them back. Yes, I do have virtual properties in New York, Bangkok, Moscow, Cuba and Las Vegas, the latest being Italy which opened officially today, Oct.22.

Also, it is only in Mafia where I own billions and millions in bank in all of those cities mentioned. Yes, only in Mafia. Drool.

Some hard lessons in Mafia are :

If you don’t want to be robbed, snuffed in fights and beaten till your iced , invest in good weapons and vehicles ( and loots), always remember to bank your money, increase your defense and attack stats; and never never leave your health above 20 before you sleep.

I can rant the whole day about Mafia but then there’s a very crucial thing called work and bills, jolting me back to the real world. Sometimes I play more than I work, that isn’t good eh, so it takes real discipline in keeping your fingers from logging in FB every 20 minutes or so.

But hey, it is fun while it lasts.


The Making of A Ninja Dragon

Have you ever wished to be someone you are not?

Have you ever found yourself  dreaming to be the character that is far beyond what you ever imagined to be?

You watch way too many movies, you might quickly say.

For starters, I wished to be as effortlessly beautiful as my cousin’s Barbie Doll when I was 10. ( My cousin’s because I never owned one, geez,  ’twas so expensive back then!)  Barbie was the so-called eptiome of a perfect woman  with her long and semi-curly blond locks, shapely legs, evenly toned skin, pretty chiseled nose and curvaceously slim body that would allow her to wear fancy and fashionable wardrobe.

Well, today, this infamous doll could still probably be something that every little girl wishes to look like when she grows up, but at least , more and more individuals have opened their eyes and become wise enough  to know that not all are blessed with such great bod~~ some plump, some too thin, short, tall, dark-skinned… etc .

And what about our favorite superheroes? Come on, don’t be shy, admit it that once in you life, you have secretly wished you had some power to teleport and travel through space and time. I want to have that power too, and been wondering like forever if that be ever possible.

We have seen some kids in school who were bullied and abused so bad by their ‘monster’  classmates, ‘evil’ neighborhood kids ; and cruel and mean step/and or biological parents . I bet these kids swore hard, wishing they were gifted with the power to transform into raging  and beastly characters such as the ones in those games today called Warcraft and the like.

Not a few kids, too, may have thought about having the ability to be fiery dragons,  spewing fire  to anyone who tries to make fun or hurt them.

It is just funny how we come so vivid, creating wild imagination in our heads like a giant LCD TV. But we get past that, we mature, we grow up and see things as they are and deal with them as realistically as possible.  And sadly though, some people never moved on and just remained stuck in their playland indefinetely.

I never did grow up to be like Barbie but I feel good about myself and the people around me.

And to the well-meaning ninja dragons out there, keep kicking asses and kill the bullies!

The Ficklest and the Fickle

Things happen so fast in this day and age that we try every bit and end to catch up. To the ambitious, it is a no-no to be left behind and it is mortal sin to let fresh opportunities pass under your nose. Mediocrity is boring and tends to be associated with the weak.

I’d like to believe  I am one of those ambitious few. New things fascinate me. Interesting connections  and new places to go spice up my fancy. But there is a downside in all of these.  I easily get overwhelmed with the hype of it all and the excitement is not sufficient to last. Simply put, most times I need that push to stay up there or I’ll surely fall back down.

I know it’s all about focus but sometimes my rather smart thinking tells me that acceptance won’t hurt. There are times that no matter how much you pull your hair out just to reach that something, you still get nothing.

I am not perfect and neither am I too intelligent but it doesn’t take much to simply let go of things that can never be. Maybe it is not yet meant to be now at the present, maybe it never is in the first place.

And so here I am, just savoring each day as it comes, still hopeful for some dreams to present themselves as reality. But duh, I’m not as uptight and fussy like before.

On the brighter side, I would  love pleasant surprises. That would definitely feel much better..

Never too late for something new

Ok, so this is a blog i just created in haste today. had a blog a few years back in relic social networking site we call Friendster( let’s face it~~ we all started from there till Facebook took the best of us around 2009~~ish). Posted a few blogs there and never bothered to create a new one maybe coz of  work, mafia, work, farmtown, work, etc. How reasonable, eh.

I don’t know what got into me. prolly coz a lot of people I know who are into writing are having the time of their lives posting what-nots  on the pages they call their very own.

Plus, FB and Twitter I think, have come overly saturated, that you think it diminishes the essence of a blog you want to come up. Not sure if I made a sense there. LOL.

I also realize a bit too late, that there must be some kind of a place where emotions and random thoughts are expressed exclusively. not side to side with some silly facebook game or a wall post of someone you barely know.

I’d only wish I won’t forget the password of this one.

For this blog, I propose some cheers. Oh yeah! 😀