When Mafia Wars Don’t Make A Killing Anymore

My Ex-game

It is that feeling when games would feel like a chore and a job. I did feel like that when I quit the game a few months ago. I even forgot what month was that because it was no longer exciting, or at least that’s what I felt about it that time. Quests were getting stressful to fulfill and help was hard to get from fellow mafia members. Talk about a big deal,  I could hear non-mafia players say.

And so I made the ‘big’ decision, removed the games from my Apps and blocked it so I would not be able to see games posts on my feed. I was able to breathe again, focus on my work more, and do more chores at home.  At the back of my mind, I thought I’d miss the game I’ve played for about 2 years. But I didn’t.  I knew it was just a phase. I had fun while it lasted.  Thanks mafia for the good times. (Well, they were the reason why my friends grew to more than a thousand in Facebook, and up to know due to my laziness, I haven’t trimmed down to normal numbers).

However, don’t be fooled, I still play on a daily basis a couple of less-demanding games Cityville and Ravenskye. What is my online life and career, without these games, anyway?  xxxxxx






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